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Parallels | Plans before the final battle and Korra’s decision during them.

I love how even though it’s a parallel, this gifset shows how much character development Korra has gone through. In Book 1 she’s facing her enemy because she wants to fight and win; it’s an example of her fiery spirit. She’s facing Amon simply so she can prove herself as the Avatar rather than confronting him in the name of peace for Republic City. By Book 3, Korra has grasped her role as keeper of balance, realizing that she has to sacrifice herself to maintain world safety. She’s humbly accepted the fact that in a few hours her life could come to an end solely based off of her love for the new Air Nation. This comparison is a huge testament to the character development which transforms Korra from a hot headed teenager to a brave and wise world figure.

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Let’s paint over all the mistakes we’ve made
Try and try again until we succeed
Lets paint a fresh future together
With our hopes and dreams
I have never said goodbye and I never will

I like this song a lot and I figured I should make a Makorra related gifset that goes with the song. I know they broke up but I need to have this in my life okay.

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OKAY SO guys I wrote a lil fanfic

It’s 2am but I really needed to finish it cos I really wanted to upload it…

Idk about you guys but if I named it I’d call it “Butterflies”

Here it is :D plz give me some feedbackkkk if you read it!! I will love you if you read it btw uwu

It was spring, and Berk was flourishing now that the cold winter had finished. It had been a difficult one, as Hiccup had had a huge task on his hands rebuilding the village after the attack of the Bewilderbeast last summer. The Vikings had had only just enough food to last them the winter, and Hiccup had definitely been feeling the pressure of newly found chiefdom.

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sherlocksnewblogger asked: Hiccup in the modern!au (in my opinion) would probably be a mechanic and maybe he'd work on motorcycles or classic cars or something and he meets Astrid because she's an enthusiast...(this is really crappy but it's the firs thought I had when I saw that you wanted prompts, so...)



"Hmm?" His own hum echoed off the undercarriage above him.

"Someone’s out front."


"So go see what they want, Michelangelo." Gobber tossed a wretch and it hit Hiccup’s fake foot. It couldn’t hurt him, but he swung around underneath the car. Hiccup sighed. 

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When something doesn’t look right, but you can’t figure out why, make a copy of your layer and try some of these tricks.  Staring too long at a piece without breaks is often where I “kill” a piece and lose scope of the work as a whole.  Thanks to letsplaygods for the supersaturate trick.

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Dragon Species:

Night Fury | Monstrous Nightmare | Hideous Zippleback | Gronckle | Stormcutter | Deadly Nadder | Rumblehorn | Bewilderbeast | Skrill | Whispering Death | Thunderdrum | Terrible Terror | Fireworm | Typhoomerang | Flightmare | Hobblegrunt | Timberjack | Hotburple | Scauldron | Speed Stinger | Seashocker | Smothering Smokebreath | Snaptrapper | Screaming Death | Red Death | Changewing

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